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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brownies- delicious and gluten free!

We made these a while ago. I totally meant to take more pictures, but by the time I got around to it (about 20 hours after the brownies were out of the oven) this is all that was left. You should take that as a testament that these brownies are delicious. They're from David Lebovitz's blog. He's an awesome American pastry chef who lives in Paris. What could be cooler? Check out the brownies on his blog

P.S. Step 4 says to beat the batter vigorously until it's nearly smooth. Kyle and I both got worn out doing this by hand and then I realized that someone invented an electric mixer to beat things vigorously. I used that and was done fairly quickly. So, do yourself a favor and if you have a handheld mixer, use it. Your arm muscles will thank you. Or do it by hand if you feel guilty about making brownies and want to justify it by exercise. It's up to you.


  1. these look amazing! now i'm torn between the marshmallow crazy frosting brownies and these. guess i'll just have to make two pans!

    also, i nominated this blog for a blog award! i am always amazed by your cooking and think that others should get in on these great recipes. :)

  2. Thanks Katie! You're so sweet! I'm still a bigger fan of my grandma's brownies, but that's probably just childhood memories talking. I'm sure you'll be happy with whatever one you make :)

  3. wow. I really want to make these... and that says a lot because I just ate a whole batch of brownies...

  4. Thanks Alena! You're so sweet! I wish you were nearby so that I could make some for you...