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Monday, August 29, 2011

Sugared Raspberries

I really really don't want summer to be over. This year especially I'm in love with all the fresh summer produce. Fall used to be my favorite season, but that's when I lived in Vegas. Fall in Utah means winter is around the corner.  (There's not really Winter in Vegas). Winter means snow, and although that can be gorgeous, I prefer less deadly driving conditions. Plus, you can have the beauty of winter snow on the sugared raspberries without all the inconvenience. 

I saw this awesome idea at the kitchn, which is one of my favorite blogs ever. You don't even need a recipe to make these. All you do is brush or roll raspberries (or any berry-like fruit) in egg white and then roll in sugar. You let them dry for a few hours and presto! A delicious, crunchy, and very sweet summer treat that looks like winter!

We got some delicious Bear Lake Raspberries at the farmers marker the other week. They were spectacularly delicious on their own, but quite good this way too. I think next time though I'd use less amazing raspberries because I'm pretty sure rolling in sugar would make any raspberries taste good and great fruit can be enjoyed without any embellishment.

Raspberries wait for their turn.

Brush the outside of each raspberry in egg white. If you don't have a pastry brush, you can put some egg white on a small bowl or plate and roll the raspberries in it.

Put some sugar on a pate and roll the brushed raspberries in the sugar until they're covered. 

The instructions say to place them on a parchment sheet to dry for 4-8 hours. I can testify that they're delicious as soon as they've been dipped, but the extra drying does give them a really fun crunch!

Enjoy on their own or topping your favorite summertime dessert, like ice cream! (So I was going to post the recipe for this white chocolate ice cream, but it didn't turn out that great. Apparently we suck at ice cream because we've failed more times than we've succeeded...)

If you have someone around to help you with the brushing and dipping, the whole process goes much quicker. The first half on my own went a little slow, but once Kyle started helping me on the rest we were done in no time!

You can store the raspberries in the fridge after they're dry. Since they have raw egg, you should probably eat them as soon as you can, but we kept snacking on them for three or four days and I'm still alive. 

In awesome news, my sweet friend Katie of From the Mind of Katie nominated me for a Liebster blog award. Her blog is one of my favorites to read (and I follow over a hundred, so that's a pretty big deal). She and her husband are in Philadelphia embarking on grad and med school adventures. She has fun everyday observational posts and awesome adventure stories!

This award is meant to highlight blogs with less than 200 followers. You link back to the blog that nominated you. Then, you pick five and let them know in a comment. Here's the problem, I read so many blogs and love them all, so if you don't see yours here I still love you!

These 5 consistently make me laugh and smile, and you should definitely check them out! I've linked to one of my favorite posts of theirs.

Note on raw egg whites: I eat whole batches of chocolate chip cookie dough (literally) without baking any cookies, so obviously I'm okay with raw eggs. I know there's the whole salmonella risk, but I love cookie dough so much that I figure I'm willing to keep eating raw eggs until I get it once and then I'll stop (if it's bad enough). If you would like to avoid raw eggs, you could try brushing the raspberries with water instead. They probably wouldn't get as crunchy, but they'd still look pretty.

Note on Fall: I still love fall and you'll probably hear me extolling it's virtues when I begin to bake apple pies and sugar cookies, but for now I'm holding onto long sunny days with afternoon thunderstorms and fresh produce inspired dinners. 

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