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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Maple Syrup Snow

We had a ton of snow last night! I'm usually not a fan, but this time we were excited for a special treat. I'd had my eye on this maple syrup snow from Leite's Culinaria since last year. It reminded me of the maple syrup snow candy from Little House on the Prairie.  I loved that book when I was a little girl, so I was really excited to make some! It was coming down pretty heavy last night, so we set out a half sheet pan to catch some snow. 

We ended up with 6 inches! So we had more than enough to make some maple syrup toffee and sprinkle it over the snow for breakfast today! We quartered the recipe and it made for than enough for us and our upstairs neighbors. There's plenty of winter left, so have fun!

Maple Syrup Snow

6.9 oz (5/8 cup) maple syrup
0.7 oz (1 1/2 tablespoons) butter

Set a container out to collect fresh snow. After you have enough, heat the maple syrup and butter to the early softball stage at 235° F (subtract 1° for every 500 feet above sea level), stirring occasionally to combine. Let cool a bit and then drizzle over fresh snow. Enjoy!


  1. what a great idea! when i was a kid we would collect snow in a big bowl and add sweetened condensed milk, sugar and vanilla to it and we'd call it snow cream

  2. That sounds yummy Becca! I'll have to try that next time it snows!