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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TWD: Boca Negra

What a decadent chocolate cake! I am not sure if we'll be making this again though. It was really hard to tell when it was done. The directions said that it was done once a crust formed on top, but after I took it out of the pan it was still really goopy for my tastes, so we put it back in for a while. We made a couple ramekin sized cakes and a big one to give away, so luckily we got to experiment. We found that we liked the cakes best when they were cooked to 195-200 F. Perhaps since we know that, they might be worth another whirl. They were quite rich, and delicious. The white chocolate cream (basically ganache) was wonderful! I'd definitely make that again. If you want the recipe for both, you can find it here. I substituted water and chocolate extract for the bourbon in the cake and vanilla extract with a little less white chocolate in the ganache.


  1. That would be great info to have next time! I bet it would take the guess work out of it to know the internal temp you were looking for. I didn't really know when mine was supposed to be done since I made smaller ones too, I just had to wing it but they did take longer than I thought they would if the large cake was supposed to bake for 30 minutes. Looks delicious!

  2. The white chocolate cream was probably my favorite part of this recipe - I would love to try that with some other desserts.

    Interesting about the temperature - I would never have thought to use that as a measure of doneness on this recipe.

  3. Love your ramekin size cake. Great idea to make little ones too. The 30 minute and done thing got a lot of people I think. I had to bake mine for an extra 20 minutes. Just seems strange to base it on time when everyone's oven is different. Thankfully the cake and cream sauce made up it! It really was a wonderful cake.

  4. I had to cook mine for an extra 15 minutes to get the crispy crust. Unfortunately it cracked on unmolding. Still this was a tasty dessert. I really like the single serving sizes. I must remember to do that in the future. Thanks for the temperature tip!

  5. Sara,

    Thanks for the well-wishes! You're always so sweet!