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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TWD: Irish Soda Bread

This week our project was Irish soda bread. It was perfect timing for St. Patrick's Day! We had ours with our broccoli, potato and bacon hash for dinner that day. The leftovers we enjoyed with some delicious meyer lemon curd.

I didn't have buttermilk, and I didn't feel like running to the store. So, I used soured whole milk instead. I figured the extra fat would help it stay moist longer, and it did! I'm really glad I added the optional raisins because otherwise the bread would have been a little plain. I was thinking about making them half whole wheat and I wish I did because I think that would have added more texture and flavor. Overall, it's a good basic quick bread recipe that I'll probably use again when I need some last minute bread for dinner.

You can find the recipe on one of these awesome blogs.


  1. Woww.. yours came out perfect!! just like the other photographs I've seen on the Net..very impressive!! :)

  2. Your bread looks terrific!

  3. It looks like it cama out well.
    So nice to have an easy one this week :-)

    1. I'm really glad that one is easy every month!

  4. Your loaf looks beautiful! And having it with the hash you described sounds delicious!