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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bacon! BLT Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette

I have a confession. I'm really bad at salads. Seriously. I can't make good salads (or sandwiches either). That might be because I usually try to throw together whatever's in our crisper drawer and that doesn't usually work out so well. This time, I used a recipe! And it called for bacon, which makes most things better (I don't believe in bacon desserts). You can find the recipe at the kitchn. It's definitely one of my favorite food blogs. 

It was really easy and I got to make my own croutons again- this time on the stovetop. I know this isn't the healthiest salad ever, but it was sure delicious! It wasn't that great as leftovers, because our tomatoes got mushy. If you want it as leftovers, I'd recommend storing everything separately, heating up the croutons and bacon and leaving some tomatoes uncut for the second day.  By the way, we definitely cooked more bacon than it called for, but I think it only improved the taste. 


  1. looks delicious! maybe if i put bacon in salad aaron will eat it. i do not believe in bacon desserts either...that is just too much.

  2. Haha! As long as it's spinach, right? ;)