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Monday, September 5, 2011

Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Our nice neighbors gave us some awesome zucchini from their garden. We ate some of them as a meal, but with the rest, we decided to make two of these beautiful looking chocolate zucchini cakes from Zoe Bakes. I love her blog! She's a pastry chef, mom, and co-author of the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day series. She always had delicious-looking desserts on her blog. I've enjoyed every one of the recipes I've made from there.

Our zucchini cake didn't look as pretty, but I'm sure it tasted as good, because it was amazing! We gave the prettier one to our neighbors to thank them for the zucchini. I asked my mom first if it would be some kind of taboo re-gifting, but she said she'd appreciate it, so we dropped it off. Unfortunately they didn't come to the door, so we had to leave it with a note instead. We checked later and it was gone, but either someone else stole it or they didn't get out note because we haven't heard back from them, but we hope they liked it!

We definitely liked it! So make this moist and chocolate-y cake for yourselves! And if you give it to your neighbors make sure you're there in person. I was debating saying in the note we left that it was made with their zucchini because if you didn't know, you really wouldn't be able to tell. The only trace the zucchini leaves is some extra body and moistness. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it... Another bonus if you make it just for yourself is that you can do it in a 9x13 and not worry about the bundt because it doesn't have to be pretty, just delicious!

What do you think about giving someone a baked good out of stuff from their garden? Bad? Good? Would you eat this cake if I gave it to you?


  1. Sara I love reading your cooking adventures! You even make me want to try cooking more often haha!

  2. Aw you're sweet! They're not quite as hilarious as your adventures, but I'm glad you enjoy them!

  3. Yes, I would definitely eat this cake if you gave it to me! It looks delicious. I don't think it's taboo at all, and I would think it was really sweet and creative that someone made me something using ingredients from my garden.

  4. I would totally eat that zucchini cake! It looks beautiful and delicious!

  5. Thanks guys! If either of you are ever in the same state as us again I'll totally make you one! Also, I figure I should clarify, we really like our neighbors. We just wonder what they thought about the cake lol.

  6. So weird that they didn't respond! But sometimes you just get caught up in life, ya know? I'm sure they loved it, it looks so yummy!