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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tomato Failure

Those of you who are my facebook friends may have noticed my status about getting a great deal on a bunch of tomatoes at the farmers market a couple weeks ago. We decided to try and roast and freeze them to save for winter, but that didn't work. More like it failed miserably. We got our instructions from here. If you try it, be warned this picture was taken before 3 hours was up. So check them more often or get an oven window.

One of our pans was too big for one piece of aluminum foil to cover it. As evidenced below, two didn't do a great job. But unexpectedly, after scrubbing it was cleaner than before. Look at the shiny scrubbed parts. Cool, I guess. 

Mostly I was just sad that 7 pounds of wonderful tomatoes were ruined. I'm not trying this again, at least this year.

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